Private social sharing

Publish your favorite quote, a link to a funny website, or you current location to only those people that you have in your phone as contacts.

How does Bebler work?

Bebler verifies your address book and protects what you share to make it only visible to them. If a user is not in your address book, they can’t see what you share.

Referral system

Make real money by inviting your friends to join Bebler.

What is Bebler?

Bebler is a growing mobile social network designed exclusively for mobile devices.

Bebler is a free social network / social feed focused on bringing you closer to your REAL friends. You and your close friends can now conveniently post and share your favorite quotes, photos, videos and locations without limits and without worrying about privacy settings or who will see each particular post.

With your feedback and a growing count of users worldwide, Bebler's fully-focused team of developers will continue to provide exciting new features and experiences so that next time you think of worry-free sharing with your close friends and family, you will think of Bebler.


  • No username or password needed: Use an active phone number to setup your account and skip tedious long registration and login forms.
  • No friend requests: If the person is not in your address book as a contact then they won't see what you post.
  • Always connected: Use your data or WiFi connection to stay connected with your friends.
  • Sharing privacy: Make sure everyone you want to can see your posts and updates. Not just random people like on other social networks.
  • Activity notification: Opt-in to get instant notications each time one of your contacts shares anything.
  • Free:You won't have to pay to download or use Bebler.